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ECO / LAD / FLEX / Anything!

Fixed Subscription Cost

Features in brief

Manage Leads

Manage prospective leads, record qualification criteria and GDPR compliance information.

Validate Data

Validate occupier address with address lookup, ensuring compliant documentation.

Manage Appointments

Plan survey and install appointments on the visual Planner.

Mobile App

Fill in Survey and Install data and checklists on your Android or IOS phone or tablet.

Mobile Web Portal

Give surveyors, installers, RA's and RC's portal access to view job calendars and upload documents.


Collect signatures the easiest way - freehand. Multiple signatures per section!

Manage Documents

Review, collate, scan and upload received/completed documents.


Populate and zip up all your documents and photos.

Clear Dashboard

Everything you need to know in one place.

Task Management

Allocate tasks and to-do's, monitor progress, alerts and reminders.

SMS Messaging

Keep customers in the loop with SMS reminders.

Check Compliance

Produce time consuming compliance documentation at the click of a button.

Compliance Made Easy

Whether you install Heating, Insulation or Renewable measures under ECO, Green Homes Grant or privately, instalr is intuitive and easy to use, you won't need a 100 page manual to get going!

You can use instalr for any type of grant funded or private work.

There are four simple steps:

  • Input customers and leads into instalr
  • Plan and book the surveys and installs
  • Gather information and documentation
  • Submission, Reporting and Analysis

That's it, nice and simple.

Lead Management

Before you can start doing surveys and installs you need customers!

With instalr you can get customer data into the system in a number of ways.

  • Manually input at the office
  • Use Zapier to collect leads from Facebook, your website or anywhere!
  • Allow Lead Gens portal access to instalr
  • Bulk Import from excel

Once in the system you can report on the status of leads, set reminder tasks to follow up, calculate project scores, validate addresses, monitor lead source performance and update notes.

Plan and Book

Once you've added projects and measures to a Customer you can then book them in using the appointment planner.

A calendar view shows all booked in measures, who they are booked to, what status they are at, and all measures ready for booking.

Once a measure is booked you can:

  • Send job details to our mobile app
  • Collect customer information on mobile app
  • Print part populated documents
  • Give installers / surveyors diary access
  • Send SMS reminders to customers
  • Add and update notes and documents

Collate and Submit

When the physical work has been done the next step is to gather all the documentation ready for submission.

You can upload Survey and Install data, photos and signatures from our mobile app or scan in signed paper documents or upload documents from Dropbox / Google Drive.

All uploaded documents are shown clearly so you know which documents you've got and which are outstanding.

Documents can be zipped and auto-renamed to suit any naming convention, and can be viewed live on the system.


Data is nothing if you can't search it, view it and filter it!

With instalr all your data is fully searchable and can be exported to excel.

You can view all Customers, Measures and Projects by status, date, installer, lead source, complaint status, inspection status, postcode and more.

Simple charts can be added to visualise your data so that key metrics stand out.

You can also get reports on the status of commission payments, work in progress, and pretty much anything else.

Project Scoring

instalr has a built in scoring tool. Score a job quickly and easily and transfer the score directly into instalr in seconds. No faffing with spreadsheets, no 'cut and paste' mistakes.

This tool enables more efficient processing of work and maximises the capacity of existing staff whilst reducing admin time, costs and errors.

No more errors from misreading scores on a complex spreadsheet!


The best laid plans can easily unravel unless you can keep all your staff, installers, surveyors and customers in the loop.

With instalr you can give diary access to external RA's and RC's as well as your surveyors and installers.

You can also send SMS appointments and appointment reminders to your customers - no more wasted journeys to an empty house!

To keep staff in the loop you can use Zapier to trigger email notifications when a measure is booked or completed so staff can process the measure without delay.


At the end of all your hard work the last thing you want is a job to be rejected because of a simple address error.

instalr integrates with Loqate to enable 100% accurate address lookups.

Not only does this save time at data entry but also improves accuracy. Right first time!

Mobile App

Included with Instalr is our E Survey mobile app.

With E Survey you can:

  • Carry out Surveys and Installs
  • View Survey / Install diaries
  • Complete Vehicle, PPE and Risk checklists
  • Collect multiple signatures
  • Collect Photographs

Integrations that work!

By using our Zapier webhooks you can create complex workflows and connect Instalr to your favourite apps!

  • Send emails when jobs are complete.
  • Gather leads from Facebook Ads
  • Add "tasks" to Google Calendar
  • Create leads from Google Forms
  • Send emails when a new lead comes in
  • And much more......

Save Time....

instalr is proven to save time. From cold lead through to satisfied customer most operations require just a single click. A true multi user, web based system enabling your staff to work efficiently.

instalr is packed with features including document generation, document uploads, visual planning tools, export to Excel and many more.

These tools enable more efficient processing of all your installs, maximising the capacity of existing staff whilst reducing admin time and costs.

Feature Packed

  • Visual Planner
  • Team Diaries
  • Project Scoring
  • Upload Documents
  • SMS Messaging
  • Lead Gen Access
  • Track Accreditations
  • Manage Complaints
  • Address Lookup
  • Generate Pre Filled Documents
  • Track Equipment Calibration
  • Save Time and Money

Fixed Pricing, No Surprises

Standard Plan (up to 2000 measures/month)

£360 / Month

  • Visual Planner
  • Auto Populate Documents
  • Mobile Signature Capture
  • Mobile Photo Capture
  • Share Diaries with RA's/RC's
  • Project Scoring
  • Photo Manager
  • Email Notifications
  • Lead Gen Access
  • Progress Dashboard
  • Zapier Integration (Option)
  • PASHUB Link (Option)
  • Excel Reports
  • SMS Messaging
  • Address Lookup
  • E Survey Mobile App
  • Mobile Web Portal
  • INCLUDED Email support 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri
  • *Covers up to 20 Users

One off £250 setup fee applies with first invoice. All prices exclude VAT which is payable at the prevailing rate. Price plan covers up to 2000 measures per month. If you exceed 2000 measures per month more than twice in one year we will need to discuss custom pricing.

instalr is designed and provided by Scoped Solutions Ltd
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